Customer retention is a top priority.

With an abundance of options for entertainment we know that every customer counts. This makes client retention paramount. At American Cable & Telephone we proactively preserve your customers through a customer service first focused program.

Our dedicated retention and collection experts work to preserve your client base.
ACT will meet with customers whose services are scheduled for disconnection, whether by choice or due to payment issues and proactively work to preserve their business. With a genuine respect for your customers’ privacy and a courteous demeanor, our Client Service Staff will listen to your subscribers’ concerns and work to keep their services connected. Our reps use ACTon to receive leads and update our managers in real time. This means that leads in the field can be updated immediately reducing the risk of knocking on the door of someone that has already paid. This also keeps us regulatory compliant and mitigates escalations. In all situations, our primary goal is to collect the full balance due. If the subscriber is unable to provide the full balance, our secondary goal is to collect a minimum payment to prevent disconnection. All payments are quickly processed and/or turned into your facility.  ACT has brick and mortar facilities in all of the areas we perform collections in.

A satisfied customer is a long-term customer.
In addition to improving customer retention, our knowledgeable Client Service Staff identifies and suggests additional services that may be of interest to your subscribers, which can help increase revenue.

Efficient collections and closure.

Regardless of our efforts, some subscribers will be unable to meet the minimum payments required for their services to remain connected. In these situations, ACT will work to collect all equipment and promptly return it to your facility per your specifications.

Efficient and effective documentation and backup procedures.
In these situations, adding to the customer’s convenience, ACT will provide an itemized report that shows customer services that have been retained or disconnected, as well as payments collected. Copies of all customer interactions will be stored safely and made available as needed.

From successful customer retention to quick collections, ACT can support your primary business objectives.

Call us today to begin saving your hard-earned customers.