Since 1994, American Cable & Telephone has been helping Cable Companies raise the bar in customer service. We provide reliable, professional installation and repair services in video, high-speed Internet and telephone.

We also provide, construction (underground and aerial), Retention and Collection and MDU build out/upgrade services.  In addition to our field Quality Control program, our technicians digitally photograph all work they do for review by QC professionals. Our redundant approach to QC shows that the installation was completed correctly and is guaranteed to greatly reduce common QC failures. QC both in the field and by the techs is done though ACTon, proprietary software that was developed by ACT for ACT techs.

  • White fleet branded to your specifications

  • Meters to fit all needs: DOCSIS 3.1, Sniffers, Fiber meters, Copper meters

  • Uniformed Technicians

Trust Your Customers With a Company That Is:

From the moment we pull up to your customer’s door, our white fleet vehicle projects a professional image for your company. Customers feel secure allowing our technicians into their home and are confident their needs will be met the first time. You can trust our technicians to represent your business on the front line:

  • Our technicians are NCTI (National Cable & Telephone Institute) certified to ensure technical excellence.
  • Our technicians dress in clean uniforms, have a professional, safety-first mentality and are polite and respectful.

We employ a proprietary internal system of checks and balances to digitally document all work performed for your customers:

  • Technicians digitally photograph work performed, creating a recorded trail of service.
  • Digital pictures monitor the quality control of every job we do.
  • Real-time dispatch and GPS-equipped fleet monitors technician locations and ETAs, on-time performance and accurate work order close-out.
  • Internal Quality Control reports are automatically generated.

We bring experience, cutting-edge technology and a proven track record to every job and every customer:

  • Providing the Cable Industry with dependable professional service since 1994.
  • Tested processes ensure that jobs are completed correctly, helping maintain your high standards.
  • Dedicated QC professionals to ensure that the whirl wind never gets in the way of quality.
  • Customer Service complaints/damage claims are monitored via our proprietary database generating a quick resolution of any issue.

Most important, we understand that Every Customer Counts. As a trusted contractor to industry leaders like Comcast, COX Communications and Century Link, we know that your customers see our fleet of white trucks and our courteous technicians as an extension of your commitment to provide a quality product to them. You can count on us to represent you professionally, every time.