Improper disconnects cost Cable operators millions of dollars.

Improper disconnects and disconnects in error result in signal theft, expensive trouble calls, loss of equipment and low customer retention. Our system of checks and balances powered by DDD software* addresses these issues. ACT, LLC has successfully executed over 1,000,000 disconnects and counting. American Cable & Telephone, LLC is the solution.

Our first priority is customer retention.

We know that losing customers costs you money. Current industry figures place the value of a subscriber at about $3,600. Our technicians’ primary goal is to work with the customer in order to keep them connected. If no one is home, we always leave a door hanger after performing the disconnect, giving customers the information they need to pay their bills and get reconnected.

Avoiding improper disconnects: The digital difference.

At ACT, we exclusively license the Digitally Documented Disconnect software* (DDD). We provide extensive field training for our technicians and equip them with digital cameras to document their good work. For every disconnect, the address, the tagged line and the ports are digitally photographed and processed in our database to document that the disconnect has been completed correctly. Trained visual Quality Control personal review the digitized work order with field pictures to confirm that the disconnect was properly completed.

A Photo Verification Record (PVR) is an archive of each disconnect. These PVR’S are used by field management to review their technicians’ performance and can be provided to the cable operator upon request.

American Cable & Telephone, LLC’s disconnect program has a proven track record in providing exceptional Quality Control for error-free, trouble-free disconnects and delivering total confidence to cable operators.