At any given time it is estimated that 10% of Cable TV viewers are enjoying cable services that they are not paying for. That costs cable companies money.

Let American Cable & Telephone, LLC turn your illegals into paying subscribers.
ACT will carefully scrub your entire database of addresses by physically inspecting all the serviceable SFU and MDU properties in your market.

We update information on the properties themselves.
New construction, teardowns, single family homes being replaced by multi-unit buildings’ all of these can have a significant impact on your future marketing efforts. We make sure you have the latest information, block by block.

We document all audits digitally.

Technicians take digital pictures of every line and tap they audit.

When we find unauthorized service, we correct it. Our technicians record before and after pictures showing the signal theft and the correction. These records are reviewed by our trained visual Quality Control personnel to confirm that the audit was performed correctly and then stored in our database. These records can be provided to the Cable Operator upon request.

ACT’s audit technicians are sales focused.
Many contractors consider the job done once they’ve completed the disconnect. We understand that when offered the chance, many unauthorized viewers are willing to pay for the services they have been enjoying for free.

ACT’s professional, courteous manner, coupled with your special offers, allow us to achieve a high conversion rate. If no one is home, we always leave a door-hanger after performing the disconnect, explaining the purpose of our visit and giving them the information they need to sign up for legal Cable Service.