We back it all with uncompromising Quality Control.

After new customers subscribe to your cable service, the first person they see is the technician who performs the installation. For better or worse, this technician will set the tone for your customers, giving them their first taste of the level of service they can expect from you. They’re excited about the new service they’ve just signed up for and expectations run high.

At American Cable & Telephone, LLC, we understand this.
We make sure the entire experience is a good one. Beginning with the prompt arrival of our white fleet vehicle. Our courteous, uniformed technicians project a professional image that makes customers feel comfortable about opening their homes to them.

Every Customer counts
Our NCTI-certified technicians bring the highest level of professionalism to every job they do. We respect the investment you have made in your plant and equipment; there is no room for a weak link between them. Installations are digitally documented and reviewed by our QC professionals, ensuring that the customer receives the quality service they expect.

Our technicians are backed by the best equipment too.
At ACT, we use state-of-the-art cable diagnostic equipment.

We bring every job up to your specifications.
That’s the bottom line: We uphold your company’s high standards for every installation that we perform for you. We match those same high standards on every service call we complete, bringing the customer’s service back up to your specifications, no matter what the problem is.

We back it all with uncompromising Quality Control.
The digital pictures taken by the technicians are uploaded into our proprietary quality control program. This program assists our field QC team, enabling us to support the good work that our technicians do. This is just one more reason you can count on ACT to get the job done right, every time.